Decoration Club

This mysterious box of product is only available for deliveries in Brazil.

Get every month in the comfort of your home a fat box of decorative products.

Choose one of the plans that best matches your style:

Assinaturas do Clube Casa Geek

Every month we send 4 decorative products, selected according to the profile of the signed box:

> Geek Box

> Criativo Box

> Vintage Box

Our goal is to surprise you every month with news and let your up to date environment.

4 mysterious products sent, follow the same standard of quality in the shop Geek House, however who signs the box gets the product for a fraction of retail price. This is possible because the boxes are traded on wholesale and these discounts are passed on to subscribers!

Subscriptions are only R$ 69,90 per month + shipping, but you receive at least R$ 140,00 in products.

In addition to keeping your decor always updated and spending little, check out other advantages:

>Convenience: Get every month 4 news without leaving home!

>Economy: Buy quality products with prices well below market.

>products Trends: Decorate your home with products prior to launch, receive first-hand news.

>unbureaucratic: Sign up for or cancel the direct signature on the website, without penalty or extra fees.

>Exclusive products: Get products that are exclusive only to those who have subscribed has not elsewhere!

>special discounts: Who's subscriber Club Casa Geek win special discounts Shop Casa Geek.

>spare cash: You can buy 1 box with no monthly fees and pay the bank. (The value of the cash goes to R$ 89.90)

What are you waiting to join this club? Now go to the Club House Geek website to learn more:

Club Decor