Privacy and Security

Your data are not passed to third party sites.

The information is registered on our site is stored in our database and are not passed on to other sites.

The Casa Geek cares about the information registered in our store. And to ensure your peace of mind, Casa Geek informs below the measures taken to ensure your privacy:

  • We do not disclose in any way, e-mail, personal information and email addresses entered in our database to contractors - such as page Postcards, Forum, Virtual Friends, Public list of e-mail and other services.
  • We do not send messages to e-mail clients, without that it has requested to register.
  • We do not record the numbers of your credit card in our database, as this transaction is 100% secure purchase through PayPal.
  • The Casa Geek is a Brazilian company with offices in Curitiba / PR, and your server in São Paulo / SP.

Shop at Casa Geek safely and let your decor even more beautiful !!

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