Super Trash World

Super Trash World, inspired by one of the most famous video games!

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If you're a fan of video game games then you'll love the Super Trash World inspired by one of the icons of the game so emblematic. So your garbage will direct to the tube being sued by devouring flower. She will help you with the organization of the home or office, also will leave your decor with a super fun twist!

The recycle bin is made up of five boards and PS 12 easy mounting rubber rings!



Width: 26.5 cm

Height: 37.5 cm

Depth: 22 cm


 1.124 kg


Pattern: Green, Red and White

Inside: White


PS white with 3 mm thick
mounting There are 5 boards Acrylic and 12 easy mounting rubber rings
Washing Instructions
Use dry cloth without cleaning products


* Products may suffer discoloration as your lot

* Product follows disassembled, assembly is a snap.


  • Height 37 cm
  • Width 37 cm
  • Depth 7 cm
  • Weight 0.350 Kg

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