geek Points

As Geek Points work?

For each purchase made is accumulated Geek Points to redeem for discount coupon,

and use them in future purchases.

For each R$ 25.00 spent on purchases through the site is collected 1 Geek Point.

Every 1 Geek Point can exchange for R$ 1.00 discount on future purchases.

The points are cumulative and can be changed by accessing your account at "My Geek Points".

You can rack up the points with no expiration date, after generating the discount coupon is valid for 1 year.

The points are not transferable to another account, and should be used by the same login and password registered in the Casa Geek.

The Geek House validates the points as soon as the order status is as Delivered (recebara an email informing you of your points), so you need to get the product for free to exchange their points for Geek coupon discounts.

Using the Geek Points?

The Geek Points must be converted into discount coupon and the discount coupon code must be entered in your next purchase in the shopping cart.

If you already have generated one by Geek Points discount coupon you can add it and use all in one purchase, because the Geek Points are cumulative.