Buying House in Geek is 100% Secure. We work with financial intermediaries to the transaction of payment with all the security and convenience. It is the safest, quick and easy way to make a payment using the internet.

Your payment is sent to the financial intermediary, and only after receiving your home product financial broker makes your payment to our geek store, because if you have any problems with the product, there is the possibility to block the payment and request it.

We work with the following financial intermediaries:


Details about payment methods

- Credit card

This purchase mode allows you to make cash payments or parceled up to 12x (with fees). Accepted flags are Visa, Mastercard, Hipercard, Diners Club and American Express . Your purchases using credit card can be paid by the financial intermediary: PayPal.

More information

Payment confirmation time varies according to the mode chosen. The agile methods are through credit cards and online transfers. For bank transfer there is the time of fulfillment of payment which is usually around 24 hours.

If payment does not occur on time, your order is canceled automatically, requiring redo it.

We keep the client up to date on the progress of your order from the purchase, approval of payment request separation, and shipping tracking number and delivery order.You will receive an email confirming your payment and delivery release to accompany the delivery of your order safely.

With the safe purchase and guarantee you will receive a quality product, now it is easy to choose your new decor geek.