How to buy

For shopping in our store Geek it is very simple.

Look for the desired product through our categories, or in the "Search" in the upper right corner.

Also, on our homepage available: geek featured products, new products, best sellers and offers geek to know all the products of these categories you have to click on your link in the footer site.

All products for sale are distributed by the site. If you want more information and start the buying process is simple, only need to click on the product.

Pressing the "Buy" product goes straight to the shopping cart button.

Product page

On each product page you can view more images of the product, check its features, as well as the form of payment and delivery. On the product page, you have several tabs. In the case of customized product, you must press the "Customize here" tab to write what you want.

You can make a shipping quote before purchasing by clicking the "Calculate Shipping".

Still on the product page are also presented similar products and products other customers bought together.

Upon price geek product it is possible to choose variations of the product as, for example, colors and filler pads.

Buying process

To buy the desired Geek product already on the product page, click on the button “Add to cart”. It will be sent to your shopping cart. In shopping cart, is all in one single page:

- 1. Order Summary

The selected products are presented, and if you want to continue your purchase click on "Continue Shopping".

You can increase or decrease the quantity of each item by clicking the characters "+" or "-".

It is also at this stage that should inform the Coupon, if you have any .

You can also see how many points Geek wins with this purchase. For more information about Geek Pontos.

- 2. Register

At this stage, you should conduct your login to the site with your email address and password registered, or if you prefer through Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn.

If not registered on our website you must register with the personal data access with login and password.

- 3. Delivery address

In this step, you must register the address you want the product to be shipped. If you would like to send the product to another location, you can register a new address by selecting the option below to register your address.

- 4. Submission Form

In this step you can choose between the sending options: EMS. The price shown is already the value for sending in your address listed above.

For more information on how to send,click here.

For this card shipping at no extra charge, just check the option and write a message that will send it along with your request. To learn more about this card, click here.

- 5. Payment methods

Aqui deve escolher a forma de pagamento para concluir o seu pedido. Trabalhamos com a forma de pagamento: Cartão de Crédito. Para saber mais sobre as formas de pagamento, click here.

Choosing the method of payment will be directed to the completion page, which will report the total amount of purchase and ask if you want to complete your purchase. After completing your application, you will receive e-mails informing you of the progress of your request. You can also track your order through your "Order History" on your account.

Now just wait to receive your excellent buy !!!